2016 Lincoln Continental concept, price

Well, we have good information since Ford is considering resurrecting that auto with the 2016 Lincoln Continental. This brand-new version is set to be a tool sized high-end automobile that will compete with the Cadillac’s as well as the BMWs. For fairly some time we are hearing rumors concerning the return of the Lincoln flagship sedan and this could occur with the 2016 Lincoln Continental. This could be a real American luxury auto, much like we made use of to acquire for so many years. Ready to be unveiled at the end of 2015 as a 2016 version year, the second generation of the MKS has been recognized inside at Lincoln as the new Continental, however thinking about the current language no one anticipated the manufacturing version to stay with the exact same name. As we might view on the previous Auto Shows new Lincoln Continental will certainly come equipped with Zero Halliburton gear and also Belvedere humidors. Nonetheless, fact is that Lincoln Continental 2016 isn’t really simply toots and cigarettes. Lots of tweaks and alterations will absolutely accompany its launch. 2016 Lincoln Continental


Young disclosed that he is collaborating with Lincoln’s advertising and marketing in order to have his Pono electronic music gamer and download service consisted of in the upcoming Continental for a 2016 release. It is not specifically clear if he called the MKS replacement the “Continental” because that’s exactly what it’s in fact visiting be called or simply due to the fact that Lincoln designers call the project by doing this inside. We suspect it is the former, generally thanks to the fact that the MK complied with by a random letter nomenclature is probably perplexing a lot of prospective clients. On the graphics, one could view that it will absolutely be a lot much easier to get to connect to the item location. There are a bunch of luxury attributes such as the guiding wheel that is covered with leather, LED illumination that simply includes in the convenience of the car. As if that is not sufficient, a THX sound system is matched the vehicle. This deluxe sedan will absolutely be suited with muscle grille, new bumper at the back and all brand-new tail lights that are LED lit. All those changes will certainly boost the total look and make this automobile look more fully grown as well as a lot more grown-up. Among those points that we do not anticipate to view on it is the self-destruction doors that were present on the 2002 Continental Concept. Also these self-destruction doors were quite special and we would really like to view it on a production version it is highly unlikely that we will see those and this is primarily due to the new system that will be used. 2016 Lincoln Continental


No specifics on this are provided as it is just a suggestion. Based on the reality that Ford has a turbo demanded 2.7 litre V6 engine, we could absolutely anticipate a whole lot from the Lincoln. The 2016 Lincoln Continental will certainly contend least 440 hp. Furthermore, it ought to have an automated 6-speed gearbox combined with 4-wheel drive. Appears like it will have an instead good acceleration? It does. The engine needs to have the ability to provide just enough torque to enable this deluxe auto to dash from 0-60 mph in merely under 4 seconds. In either case, a brand-new Lincoln flagship sedan is coming, and also it will apparently be improved an enlarged variation of the Ford CD4 platform, which currently sits under the Lincoln MKZ, 2014 Ford Fusion/ Mondeo and also the Ford Advantage crossover. While lots of Lincoln fans would possibly prefer a rear-wheel drive architecture, that is sadly not visiting occur. Both of these can provide adequate power even for luxury sedan as well as smaller one could pump out more than 300 hp while the larger turbo powerplant brings 350+ hp quickly. 2016 Lincoln Continental

Release date and price

This brand-new 2016 Lincoln Continental is visiting be an expansion of the 2002 concept which included a V12 5.9 litre engine as well as self-destruction doors. We do anticipate more details to arise throughout the 2015th which the brand-new concept design will certainly be revealed. A bunch of interior and exterior design alterations will certainly be utilized to reflect just how much deluxe this auto deserves. Price of this vehicle has not yet been announced, nonetheless a bunch of Lincoln fans can anticipate that price ought to be a bit more than its rivals. This is to suggest that they must anticipate it will cost over the $60,000. 2016 Lincoln Continental

2016 Lincoln Continental concept, price

2016 Lincoln Continental concept, price 11

2016 Lincoln Continental concept, price 20

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